Plan Your Next Pizza Night

by | Aug 19, 2021 | In The News

Venturing out to Minnesota’s farmland, you may expect to see fields of corn, big red barns and grazing livestock. But what about a wood-fired oven and dozens of picnickers chowing down on freshly baked pizzas?

At a handful of farms, this is the scene on “pizza night,” when piping hot pies with freshly picked toppings have visitors flocking from miles around.

The premise is simple: The farm provides the pizza, and the diners provide everything else—plates, utensils, picnic blankets, drinks and side dishes. Annie D’Souza, founder of The Midwestival blog, loves “pizza farms” so much, she even got engaged at one.

“It feels like another world, it’s just so removed from everything,” she says of the experience that she describes as “quintessentially Midwest.” As for the pies, they “hold up against restaurant pizza,” and the farm-fresh ingredients make them more unique than what you may find at your local pizzeria.